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The Legacy Mastermind is for budding coaches, mentors, Authors and Legacy thinking individuals who who are passionate about making a positive impact in their world.

You can ask any successful person in any field of life and they will tell you that they did not achieve success alone.

It is no secret that many great men and women you know had top-notch mentors who showed them the way.

But there are times when great and inspired people are left in the dark, feeling hopeless, lost, and unqualified.

At this point in every great life, masterminds provide solace and relief from the pressure of purpose pursuit.

Masterminds are a haven for people looking to expand their skills and learn, while at the same time networking with some of the most brilliant minds on the same journey to greatness.

Napoleon Hill performed hundreds of interviews with effective and successful people while conducting research for his famous book, Think and Grow Rich.

Napoleon Hill learned that the main reason why many entrepreneurs are hugely successful while other entrepreneurs are not is that the successful ones were part of a mastermind program.

What Is The Power Of Being Part Of A Mastermind Group?

You probably know that forming positive relationships with other passionate and purpose driven people is crucial in developing and maintaining a fruitful purpose driven life.

Making the right connection and surrounding yourself with positive and like-minded individuals can help your passion as well as you as an individual to grow and develop and thrive.

Here are two benefits of being part the Legacy Mastermind group:

1. It stimulates creativity

2. It creates accountability

There is no doubt that creativity and innovation are essential for success in today’s world. While nothing is actually new, you can improve things by bouncing ideas off of one another, using that synergy in order to spark new and creative ideas.

Having the right people keep you accountable is one of the best ways to move you into action.

Being in a group where you can collaborate as well as connect with the same people on a daily basis is an excellent way to hold yourself accountable.

The Legacy Mastermind is a Peer to Peer group of purpose driven individuals passionate about leaving a positive legacy in their world.

Be Intentional about your Legacy, make 2022 count.

Join the Legacy Mastermind Group for Idea generation, Inspiration, Motivation, Accountability and Continuous Self Growth.

Secure your slot with #10,000/$20 Only. Limited Slots Available.


Please note, the Legacy Mastermind is not for everyone, it's for budding coaches and mentors that have a message they want to leave as a legacy and need like minded individuals to collaborate, network and brainstorm with. Please don't feel the pressure to join if you are not one of such individuals or you cannot afford it at this time, but if you are, take this destiny defining opportunity. 

Duration: 12 months 

December 2021 - December 2022

Your commitment fee: 

#100,000/$200 only per year or 

#10,000/$20 only monthly

Our Commitment: You are guaranteed to exceed every SMART goal you'll set for 2022