Just Ibe
President, Just Ibe Foundation

Just Omomo Ibe is a Multifaceted and Visionary Business leader with a critical focus on rebuilding the African Economy through Entrepreneurship, Education, Youth & Trade. 

She is a result-driven, persistent, and determined economic growth and development consultant and a lead consultant at The Just Ibe company with a key focus on Sales, marketing, business communications, sustainable economic development, and digital strategy. With over 8 years of experience as a banker working alongside SMEs to deploy marketing and sales strategies, Just Omomo Ibe has dedicated her mission in life to building & developing the next set of entrepreneurs by enabling them to perform at their peak which would also aid them in rebuilding the African economy. 

Just Omomo Ibe is the founder and President of The Association of African Startups, a Pan African organization that focuses on equipping African entrepreneurs with the required skills to build sustainable businesses and with upcoming membership presence in 55 African countries. In 2020, Just Omomo Ibe through The Just Ibe company and the Association of African startups has impacted over 50,000 startups with tools, strategies, and requisite knowledge to take advantage of local and international opportunities whilst building a strong network of entrepreneurs within the African economy. 

In her journey to improving the quality of life for Africans, she is the founder of the Just Ibe foundation which is aimed at urbanizing communities and empowering widows and orphans in Africa. In an effort to unify practices across Africa and create an environment across countries that breeds creativity, entrepreneurship, collaborations, and investments, she co-founded the African Government Stakeholders Engagement Forum which develops a yearly theme to combat certain economic and social issues with the aim of  improving the quality of life for Africans and improve the African economy. Just Omomo Ibe believes that in order to tackle the tangible issues, we have to address the intangible. which is why she started the One African movement with the sole aim being to unite Africa and for each African to build a sense of brotherhood amongst themselves. 

She is currently an MBA student at the University of south wales in England and a certified time management specialist with distinctions from the London graduate school.

Just Omomo Ibe is a certified sustainable development expert from the International business management institute, a certified behavioral economy, and marketing psychology expert, a certified economic growth and development expert, and a certified government economic policy expert. With a keen interest in tech, she is the co-founder of Inscribe Tech, a tech startup revolutionalizing content creation, distribution, and sales. 

Just Omomo Ibe's greatest belief is that One day Africa will become one big nation that can compete comparatively with global economies this time as a super power harnessing her resources both mineral, natural and human to produce immeasurable wealth stewarded by Astute yet accountable leaders who can deliver an Africa where every descendant is a treasure.This She calls "The African dream". 

She is popularly referred to by  all as "The African ICON".