Business & Financial Empowerment Basic Course


Week 1: Personal Development for Business Growth

Book for the week: No Excuses (The Power of Self-discipline) By Brian Tracy


Day 1: Personal Growth

Day 2: A Habit You Simply MUST Develop

Day 3: Personal Development Plan

Day 4: Importance of Books

Day 5: 10 Skills you must Learn

Week 2: Business Start up 

Book for the week: How to prepare a business plan 


Day 1: 5 Reasons to Start a Business

Day 2: The top 7 things NOT to do when starting a business

Day 3: Don't Start A Business Until You Hear This

Day 4: Startup Success Secrets

Day 5: Learn how to manage people and be a better leader.

Week 3: Financial Freedom through Network Marketing

Book for the week: Be a Network Marketing Superstar


Day 1: Tips for Network Marketing Success

Day 2: Longrich: How to run with the Power of 3 to get to Star Director in 3 Months and earn N100m

Day 3: 5 Ways to Sell Anything 

Day 4: Psychology of selling 

Day 5: 4 Types of Customers and How to Sell to Them

Week 4: Kingdom Business Principles

Book for the week: Business Secrets from the Bible


Day 1: Proven Biblical Money Principles

Day 2: 5 Things that will make you wealthy

Day 3: 4 Principles of Marketing Strategy

Day 4: How To Close A Sale - 5 Reasons People Don't Buy

Day 5: 5 Biblical Financial Principles Every Christian Should Know!