About Superkid Academy (Children Only)

Our Vision is to Empower Kids and Teens with Success skills and values and connect them with mentors and resources early in life, so they can discover themselves, develop their gifts and reach their highest potential so they can be a Blessing to themselves, family, community and the world at large.

Our Mission is to source and create personal Improvement resources, and make them readily available to registered members of the Academy and also to connect children with good and trusted mentors, that will instruct, guide, inspire and motivate them to be the best version of themselves.

The Superkid Bookclub has a system to keep children inspired to keep reading, learning and growing all year round.
Click HERE to view The Superkid Bookclub Continuous Personal and Spiritual Growth Plan. 

The Superkid Academy Virtual Bookclub and Library is designed to serve as an extra curricular activity for School age children all year round. Only about 45min to 1 hour engagement weekly is required to keep the child inspired and motivated to continue on the path of personal growth which will lead to a life of Success in the future.

Bookclub Activities 
Every Week, One recommended Book for the Week will be shared on the platform. Children are encouraged to download, read the book and turn in their review anytime within the week or during the virtual meeting. Children also have the opportunity to meet with trained mentors, to guide and direct them on their path to life success.

During the week, the e-Library is open for children to pick any book they choose to read during leisure or bed time. We have lots of books from various genres to pick from.

Superkid Academy Partnership Plan
Dear Parent/ Guardian,
It is our responsibility to mentor our children and to make a positive deposit in the lives of the children around us. This Superkid Academy is designed to achieve this.

The programs and activities of the Academy is designed to help impact values and virtues like love, respect, honor, growth etc. If learnt early in life will help children thrive and not merely survive in this world.
Through this Academy, we can mentor any child “Intentionally”.

Let us partner together to raise godly and Intentional children filled with wisdom, knowledge and understanding, who will discover themselves so they can reach their highest potential and be a Blessing to themselves, families, and rule their world.

To participate in the child mentorship project, you can share the registration link to The Superkid Academy to any parent or guardian you know to join the Academy.

1. You will be partnering with God and Faiththinz Resources in transforming the lives of this young generation.
2. You will be part of a vision bigger than you, and you will receive a great reward both Naturally and Spiritually. 

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